How to combine office work and freelance?

Few novice freelancers decide to leave stable work in the office and go on a “free swim” until the income from freelance becomes stable and sufficient. And if you try to combine work and freelance, there is a risk of overwork, and this is already very bad. A person will cease to have time to complete tasks at his main job and will not be able to work at home qualitatively. This makes many people give up the idea of ​​becoming a freelancer.

To make the right transition from teamwork to work at home, you need to set a goal. And the goal set requires an accurate plan and schedule for its implementation.

The freelance website, just starting his first steps in this field, is overwhelmed with energy, he gives out one great idea after another and begins to seem that it is quite possible to make good money in his spare time from work. Moreover, after all, you can work on the weekend. But over time, fatigue accumulates, and new ideas come less and less … Therefore, it is very important to distribute your forces and a business plan will help in this.

Using a business plan, you can identify real goals and develop a strategy to achieve them. The development of the plan must begin with the first steps to freelance work, until the excitement has disappeared and there is strength and desire. Later, the rather boring work of planning energy will no longer be left.

The plan must indicate how much free time it is planned to devote to freelance and what income is expected to be received from it. Perhaps your goal will be only a small side job for a modest reward. Or maybe you plan to permanently part with office slavery and completely switch to work for yourself. Different goals will require different amounts of time and effort.

The correct distribution of forces will allow to keep working all the time, and therefore, step by step to go to the intended goal. In no case should we allow fatigue, as the loss of motivation associated with severe fatigue can forever put an end to your dream?